<What kind of raw food is the best?>


I call this “Food Medicine” and this food medicine is oriented by

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon(黃帝內經).


What is the role of food for human being?

The real role of food is making 6 organs(five visible organs and one invisible organ) healthy and balanced.


What are six organs in a body?

liver(肝腸) & bile(膽囊) : 木氣(Wind)

Heart(心腸) & Small Intestine(小腸) : 火氣(Fire)

Spleen(脾臟) & Stomach(胃腸) : 土氣(Earth)

Lung(肺臟)) & Large Intestine(小腸) : 金氣(Metal)

Kidney(腎臟) & Urinary Bladder(膀胱) : 水氣(Water)

Unvisible organ, 心包 & 三焦 Controlling power of life


How to make 6 organs healthy and blanced?

Every food has one of 6 tastes;

sour, bitter, sweet, hot & spicy, salty, tannin.

Six tastes are nutrient suppliers for six organs making

six kinds of energy(6).


“Sour” lets liver & bile make 木氣(Wind).

“Bitter” lets Heart & Small Insestine make 火氣(Fire).

“Sweet” lets Spleen & Stomach make 土氣(Earth).

“Hot & Spicy” lets Lung & Large Intestine make 金氣(Metal).

“Salty” lets Kidney & Urinary Bladder make 水氣(Water).

“Tanin” lets 心包 & 三焦 make 相火氣.


So every meal time we have to eat six taste foods for six healthy organs

to make six kinds of energy(6).

That is the only and original purpose for every meal everyday.


What is raw food and why is it good?

Cooking with fire destroys enzyme and nutriments.

But raw food without cooking has much energy with living enzyme and

nutriments. So naturally it is clear that raw food is better than cooking.


Which food is the most powerful?

There are many kinds of food; Vegetibles, Fruits, Nuts and Grains.

Which one is the most powerful and why?

It’s grains because they are seeds themselves.

So main foods for human being in the Earth are grains.


What kind of raw food is the best for health ?

It has to be six grains for six organs

that make six energy circulating our body.


The followings are six grains with six tastes for six organs.

The most Sour among grains is Red Bean for Liver & Bile.

Bitter is only Sorghum for Heart & Small Intestine.

Sweet is Millet for Spleen & Stomach.

Hot Spicy is Brown Rice for Lung & Large Intestine.

Salty is Black Bean(鼠目太) for Kidmey & Urinary Bladder.

Tanin is Yellow Corn for 心包 & 三焦.


The answer is six grains ;

Red Bean, Sorghum, Millet, Brown Rice, Black Bean, Yellow Corn.


It is very easy, convenient and saving time for us to eat the raw flours

of six grains. But the only problem is its ugly taste & smell.

Luckily I found how to remove its smell with citric acid.

So now enjoy six raw grains and be healthy.


If you have any queston, welcome!!


From Dr.Vegan

Posted by Vegan & Green TheBeetleKim