Everything is from force thinking of the mind.

Watch yourself your ego.

Mind flies out. Don't use it ego which is enemy.

Plant good seeds.

Budha seeds never disappear.

We feel 5 elements.

Originally we are light and 5 elements are from light.

5 elements has to be used for oneness.

Maya seduced Ananda not to reply to Budha.

Dharma Ending Age

Maya is evolutionary leader.

Get up and get out of it.

Clearly Stage

Just passing by

One goal venefits others.

I had what the Himalaya can give me.

Memory Deman

If we are stuck in memory we can't get out of it.

Master wondered whom was Budha talking about.

Wherever you are, be good.

No hurry.

Whatever happens, it happens.

I am Zero cutting Ego.

Coconut Ceremony & Cut the coconut.

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