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Ref What if I do Loving Hut Cafe or Noodle Bar or Deliverying Sandwitch

Even though Santorini is such a small island,

there are still many empty lands to be used.

I have been hunting every corner and every village in Santorini and

what if I choose to do summer business, it is Fira for a year and

 for 4 months, Perissa which is the most long beach with black sand.


Ref Housing price and tax

Houses in Fira and Oia stand close to gether roof by roof.

Housing price and tax in busy area like Fira are higher than the other.

In case of Lefteris, he got 95% loan from a bank to buy one of apartment hotels

and he paid 100,000 euros yearly tax of the hotel business.

A housing price for 2-3rooms in 100m2 is about 300,000 euros and 

a property tax has to be paid every year.


Ref The Name of Island

There are two names "Thira" and "Santorini" of this island.

These days the name of Santori is more popular than Thira

but Santorini was called as "Thira" in ancient time.


Ref Hot Season

The busy months in Santorini are from April to October and

the most golden periods are for 4 months from Jun to September.

Most shops are open almost for 24 hours at those hot seansons.

now they except big supermarkets have ciesta time for 3 hours

from pm 2 to 5 o'clock, though.


Ref English Ability

Most Greek people can speak English.


Ref Hospitality

There are two kinds of hospitalities in Santorini; public and private clinic.

It is free of charge for everybody to treat in public hospitality but

not in private clinic.


Ref Rent-a-Car in Winter Season

30 euros per day for small automatic car inclucing a part of insurance 


Ref Free Maps and Free Guide Books

There is no maps and guide books in winter seasons.

But there are about 5 different maps and 2 guide books

sponsored by advertiser in hot season.

So Thira Town Hall doesn't need to publish a map and guide book

with their own budget.


Ref Free Wifi

It is available in restaurants and hotels.


Ref Buying Food Stuff in Super Markets

It is not so expensive.


Ref The best thing to enjoy in Santorini

It is to enjoy walking, sitting, lying down, dozing and meditating 

under the sun shining and one more thing is gazing the sunrise and sunset.




Posted by Vegan & Green TheBeetleKim

I confused the names with Thira and Santorini.

Mr. Bellonias explained that Thira is another name of Santorini and

it was called Thira before Santorini.


I heard about tourist map and guide map from him and his explanation made me grasp overall situation of tourism business in Santorini.


I thank him about it.


Mr. Loukas N. Bellonias Mechanical Engineer MSc


Municipality of Thira, Fira Santorini 84700


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 Left : Dino, Ania                                                                                         Right : Zdravka, Jim


At the Central Town in Jabreb...

We had about two hours to look around central town and to go back to Budapest at 17:25.


Zdravka, Ania's mom(Sales & Marketing Director in Dino Map for 15 years)


Dino and Jim lighting a candle and making a wish.








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A Bus for Jagreb is EUROLINES of VOLANBUSZ in Nepliget Aut Pu.

(Metro 3 Negliget Station)


Budapest Nepliget Aut Pu Terminal          2014-01-09 06:15

Zagreg Autobusni Kolodvor Terminal        2014-01-09 11:00


Zagreg Autobusni Kolodvor Terminal        2014-01-09 17:25

Budapest Nepliget Aut Pu Terminal          2014-01-09  22:10

(Jim and I were arrived at Nepliget Aut Pu Terminal in Budapes about 40 minites earlier)



Dino(CEO of DinoMap) picked us up at bus terminal.

We went to his office(one of his two offices) and met with Zdravka and her daughter Ania who was born in 2000 as the same with Jim.


Left: Mr. Dino Kalogjera  Managing Director 

Right : Ms. Zdravka Govedarica sale&Marketing Director


After meeting we went to a restaurant that served vegan food for us,

it is not a vegitarian restaurant though.


Ania who is a very smart, pretty and lovely girl.


She asked me how to be a vegan and I promised that I send her the information about vagan diet

thru e-mail(aniabudimir@gmail.com)

She speaks English fluently and she just started to learn Chinese. 


After meal we looked around central town in Jagreb and

Zdravka bought a Croatian traditional beautiful ornament for me as a souvenir.

We came back to Dino's office.

Map samples that I supposed to carry were very heavy.

So I asked Dino to send the samples by normal parcel service with my charge.


And they saw us off at the bus terminal.


I thank you for Dino and Zdravka's worm hospitality and their presious time.


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Date  : 8th, Jan. 2014

Time  : AM 9:00

Room : 126

Lcation : H-1052 Budapest Varoshaz u 9-11 Hungary

Meeting with Ms Adrienn Magyar/Coordinator of Foreign Affairs

   (Ms Dr. Andrea Kenderes Head of Office on International Relations)


Adrienn who is a beautiful Hungarian lady working for Foreign Arrairs of Budapest

City Hall as an expert.

She said that Budapest City has a sisterhood relationship with

Seoul and Daejeon in Korea.


The Office of International Relations Dept.


a corridor inside Budapest City Hall


The yard or garden inside the retangular building


A Beautiful Apprearance of Budapest City Hall


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Dear Mate and Vadnai


Budapest is so beautiful city and we have a very romantic image

from the name of Budapest.

A map of Budapest is a representative and pr manager for Budapest.

So a map of Budapest has to be designed well suitable for its own image.

That is why I like to give you an proposal with TheBeetleMap.


TheBeetleMap has the strong points for tourism marketing of cities

all over the world as the followings:


1.     How to plan for tourism marketing

2.     How to plan and design map for city image

3.     How to make content source for city map and city guide book

4.     How and where to distribute city map and guide

5.     How to reach to target

6.     What to do for target

7.     How to access sponsorship for advertisement on a map and guide book


I propose that

1.     A beautifully designed map for publishing city map 

    : USD40,000

     (flight and accommodation charges for 2 map designers are not


     If you have well designed map, you can use it for publishing

     theme maps seperately

     such as shopping map, art map with museum and gallery,

     historical map, heritage map, food map and so on in on/off-line.


2.     Mono Drawing of every historical building for publishing city guide 

        book in on/off-line.

   : USD200-300/cut and whole budget depend on how many drawings.


3.     Familiarization Tour not only for travel reporters but also

        writer for drama, poet, painter, novelist, musician, chef and reporters  

        in Korea so that they can write, sing, paint and talk about how romantic

        and beautiful Budapest is.

  : USD8,800

   USD5,000 for activities of selection and invitation and confirmation

    USD3,000 for labor cost with guests invited for fam tour

      USD 800 Tax


I can hlep at no cost that 

      1.   How to access Korean CEO and government official market.

 2.    How and where to distribute your Korean guide books of Healing Bath and Music Concert in Budapest.

 3.     Proofreading for Korean guide book of Healing Bath and

        Music Concert like Organ Concert at St. Stephan's Basilica.

 4.     Search for suitable government and company that you want to have

        a relationship.

 5.     Any information that you need.


 I will keep in touch with some companies for the soponsorship with your map.


Best Regards,

Eun-young, KIM

Posted by Vegan & Green TheBeetleKim

미팅 회사 : Budapest Festival and Tourism Center Non-profit Ltd.

                Mr. Gabor MATE Head of Tourism Divisin

                Mr. Marton VADNAI Budapest Card Product Manager


미팅 일시 : 2014년 1월 6일 오후 2시


미팅 장소 : H-1066 Budapest, Mozasr utca 16

                Budapest Festival and Toursim Center 6층


정보 내용

1. Budapest Official Guide 7개 언어 발행

2. Budapest Official City Map 1년에 4번 160만부 발행

3. Budapest 시청 재정상황 그다지 좋지 않다고 함==>기업체 스폰서 환영.

    한국 기업체 스폰서 요청함.

4. 서울 마케팅 주식회사와 같은 기능을 하는 부다페스트 시청산하 비영리 기관임.

5. 11월 24일 서울에서 부다페스트 관광부서 책임자인 Mrs. Nagyne Verga에게 보낸 이메일이

    이쪽 회사의 관광부서로 업무 이전된 것임.


미팅 내용

1. 시각 커뮤니케이션을 이용한 관광정보 전달의 중요성 강조

2. 부다페스트 시내 지도 40,000 달러에 제안

3. 부다페스트에 있는 모든 정보를 시각드로잉화

4. 한국의 CEO시장을 대상으로 부다페스트의 음악(ex. 오르간 콘서트)과 Bath 홍보제안

    음악과 Bath에 관한 가이드북을 한국어로 만들면 한국에서의 배포를 도와주겠다고 함.

5. 한국 업체 스폰서 요청; 한국타이어, 삼성전자 등등   


향후 연관업무

1. 삼성전자와 한국타이어 부다페스트 법인 컨택



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2시에 약속이 있어 1시에 나가려고 진섭이 먹을 밥을 짓다가

이메일 쓰느라고 잠시 한눈 파는 사이에 타버렸다.


문제는 그 다음 갑자기 천장에 있는 화재경보기가 울리는 바람에

난감하게 되었다. 탄냄새가 진동하기는 했지만 화재는 아닌데...

창문을 열었다.

리셉션에 전화해서 화재가 아니고 밥을 태웠을 뿐이라고 말했다.


잠시후 관리 아저씨가 와서 천장에 있는 화재경보기를 꺼서 일단락 되었다.


진섭이 점심을 먹고 메트로를 향했다.

더 황당한 일이 또 발생했다.

에스컬레이터로 플렛폼에 도착하니 이미 전철이 와 있었다.

도착해 있는 전철을 타기 위해 진섭이와 함께 황급히 뛰었는데

진섭이가 전철에 올라타자 마자 문이 닫혀버렸다.

나는 타지 않은 채로...


내가 전철을 손으로 마구 두드렸는데 문은 열리지 않았다.

우리는 서로 어떻게 해 어떻게 해라며 황당해 하자

떠나는 전철안에서 진섭이 옆에 있던 청년이

다음 메트로역에서 기다리겠다는 사인을 보내왔다.

이 광경을 메트로 전철 안팍의 사람이 보게 되었고

함께 황당한 듯한 느낌을 보내주었다.

그렇게 진섭이와 헤어지고 이런 신파극에 재미있다는 듯이

혼자 깔깔대고 웃었다.


다음 번 전철을 타고 코르빈에 도착하니

진섭이와 청년의 모습이 모였다.

어찌나 감사하던지...

감사의 악수와 함께 연신 감사인사를 전했다.


그렇게 다시 진섭이와 만나서

부다페스트 시청 관광관계자를 함께 만나러 갔다.






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St. Stephen's Basilica Church

Organ Concert

with the most famous arias and flute


20:00 ~ 21:10


Organist Miklos TELEKI

Opera Singer Kolos KOVATS

Flutist Eleonora KRUSIC


Antonio Vivaldi(1655-1736)

Johann Sebastian Bach(1685-1750)

Concerto in a minor(Allegro, Andante, Allegro)

Antonio Vivaldi: 4 Seasons - Winter(Largo)

Alessandro Stradella(1639-1682) : Pieta Signore

Tommaso Albinoni(1671-1751) : Adagio

Ludvig van Beethoven(1770-1827) : Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur

Ferenc Liszt(1811-1886) : Fantasy and Fugue on the theme B_A_C_H

Franz Schubert(1797-1828) : Ave Maria

Feorges Bizet(1838-1875) : Agnus Dei

Johann Sebastian Bach : Menuett, Badinerie from suite in B minor

Johann Sebastian Bach : Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565


아래 사진의 오르간 연주를 기대했으나 소형 오르간으로 연주를 했다.

그래도 마지막 요한세바스탄 바하의 토카타를 연주할 때는 눈물이 나올 정도로 감동적이었다.


성 스테판 바실리카 성당의 돔 천장

모스크 사원을 포함해서 대부분의 성당교회 천정은 한결같이 돔으로 되어있다.


성 스페판 비실리카 성당의 전경. 외부보다 내부가 훨씬 아름답다.

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게으름을 물리치고 오늘은 어딘가를 가봐야겠기에 길을 나섰다.

Nepliget 국제버스 터미널과 연결된 Nepliget 메트로역에서 메트로를 타고 Deak역에서 내렸다.

목적지는 쉐체니 체인브릿지를 걸어서 부다왕궁으로...


쉐체니 다리 전경


쉐체니 다리에서 본 부다왕궁


부다왕궁 입구에서 지니 


부다왕궁에 도착해 보니 부다왕궁이 바로 헝가리 내셔날 갤러리였고

마침 일요일인 내일 끝나는 샤갈전을 하고 있었다 .

상설전과 기획전 두 가지 전시회 중에서 샤갈전 티켓을 샀다.

티켓입장료가 약 18,000원 정도 65개 작품전시회치고는 상당히 비싼편이었다.


급여와 식재료는 싼편인데 비해

교통비와 미술관람료 등은 상대적으로 비싸다는게 잘 매치가 되지 않았다.

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