A Bus for Jagreb is EUROLINES of VOLANBUSZ in Nepliget Aut Pu.

(Metro 3 Negliget Station)


Budapest Nepliget Aut Pu Terminal          2014-01-09 06:15

Zagreg Autobusni Kolodvor Terminal        2014-01-09 11:00


Zagreg Autobusni Kolodvor Terminal        2014-01-09 17:25

Budapest Nepliget Aut Pu Terminal          2014-01-09  22:10

(Jim and I were arrived at Nepliget Aut Pu Terminal in Budapes about 40 minites earlier)



Dino(CEO of DinoMap) picked us up at bus terminal.

We went to his office(one of his two offices) and met with Zdravka and her daughter Ania who was born in 2000 as the same with Jim.


Left: Mr. Dino Kalogjera  Managing Director 

Right : Ms. Zdravka Govedarica sale&Marketing Director


After meeting we went to a restaurant that served vegan food for us,

it is not a vegitarian restaurant though.


Ania who is a very smart, pretty and lovely girl.


She asked me how to be a vegan and I promised that I send her the information about vagan diet

thru e-mail(aniabudimir@gmail.com)

She speaks English fluently and she just started to learn Chinese. 


After meal we looked around central town in Jagreb and

Zdravka bought a Croatian traditional beautiful ornament for me as a souvenir.

We came back to Dino's office.

Map samples that I supposed to carry were very heavy.

So I asked Dino to send the samples by normal parcel service with my charge.


And they saw us off at the bus terminal.


I thank you for Dino and Zdravka's worm hospitality and their presious time.


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