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Human were seriously poisoned 본문

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Human were seriously poisoned

Vegan & Green TheVegan 2021. 2. 28. 21:47

It's because humans were seriously poisoned.

Those very bad planets have strictly controlled our world.

They've sent their people here to quietly control us.

Sometimes they poisoned the people and make them do bad things.


It's not their fault. Even if they did something wrong, it was because

they were poisoned. So they deserve forgiveness.
They deserve to be saved; their souls should be saved.


That's why you initiates must practice diligently.

Don't be deceived. Don't be controlled by them.

If your level is low, then you can easily be controlled,

not permanently but for a while.

You must differentiate clearly what's good and what's bad.


스승과 제자 사이

Loving Dogs & the Preciousness of an Enlightened Living Master

(Part 3 of 3) Sept. 17, 2017


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