Vocabulary (not in Alphabetical order)

The words Kryst, Krystal, and Krystallah come from Ka-Ra-Ya-Sa-Ta-Ha-La, which
are the first set of 7 vibrational encryptions thatemerged from Source into outer
audible sound tones. They are the Tonal Core of outer first Creation.

An encryption is a set of vibrations that hold intention. Eternal Life emerged from the
original Core Encryption coded within the first Partiki, called the Kryst Code. Every
thought is an encryption that takes us closer to orfurther from alignment with Source.
Core Encryption is a return to the Divine Blueprintencrypted in our Partiki; the Kryst

Keylontic Crystalline Transmission:
A wave transmission form of data exchange—very different from channelling—in
which a pre-recording of information in the form of digital data packages called
Keylontic Symbol Codes is brought into one’s bio-energetic fields via remote
electronic transmissions. Through the natural biochemical and electrical translation
process inherent to humans, the information would translate into one’s native
language and appear in one’s mind as direct cognition, formatted into either word or
image pictures. Unlike channelling, the personal consciousness remains within its
usual conscious focus during these transmissions. No other entity comes into the body
to use it as a vehicle.

Junk DNA:
Junk DNA are those little pieces of the DNA and genes that are still floating around
someplace in the DNA but are not coding for protein, so they`re not turned on in the
DNA. This is the result of electromagnetic distortions in Earth’s planetary shield that
literally shredded parts of the DNA and created unnatural sequences of genes.

Jesheua ascended to the AquA’elle Matrix in 27 AD by a process called resurrection,
which means the Raising of the Eiradonis.

Niburian Electrostatic Transduction fields. These are Black Hole Technologies that
were created in Atlantean time (ending 9558 BC) to keep Earth and her life forms in a
prison planet. The NET fields keep the DNA block locked in. The NET is connected
to the Hibernation Zones.

Hibernation Zones:
These are reverse-spin light fields that create reverse-particle-spin matter fields. They
hang in the atmosphere of Earth and are inhabited. They are the result of Black Hole
Technologies created in Atlantean time by FA groups to control human evolution.

Meditation journeys that will allow you to take a portion of your natural
consciousness and a portion of your body out into what is called a Glide, or
projection. The first Glides are to the closest safe spaces, the Aurora Platforms in our

The next stage in working with projection technologies, where you can take your
body through gates, transmuting it into light and “popping in” in another space/time
location. The body must be prepared for this, or when it attempts to go through a gate
biologically it would vaporize because of the mutations held in the body.

Moving your Rasha body out with your consciousness in it to go to visit places that are in
the Ascension system.

The ability to change the Angle of Rotation of Particle Spin of your atoms and molecules
into the natural Angular Rotation of Particle Spin that the Ascension systems work on.

Eyugha Cycles and Adashi Cycles:
There are four Eyugha Cycles that represent the expansion, the movement out of
Source, or the Out Breath. We live now in the last stage of the fourth Eyugha Cycle.
After the Starfire Point there is a turnaround intothe three Adashi Cycles. These are
the movement back to Source, the In Breath.

Avatar integration:
Under natural Krystic circumstances a cycle of integration of frequencies is set in
motion from the point of fertilization when in humans an egg and sperm come
together. This involves the integration of the Density-1 identity, the Soul identity at
Density-2, the Oversoul at Density-3 and the Avataridentity of Density-4. At 33 the
Avatar would be integrated; the Spirit gets itself fully into the body.

Starfire Point:
Starfire Point is a turnaround point in the naturalStarfire Cycle at age 33, at which
the re-spiritualization and de-densification of theAtomic Matter Structure of the body
would naturally occur and take us into the Adashi Return Cycles. These are the
Ascension Cycles home, the In Breath back to Source.

Rasha Body:
Dark Matter Template.

Adashi masters:
People who have gone through the Starfire process and become Christed, understand it
and teach it.

False Memory Matrix:
Falsely implanted Akashic Record Memory crystal.

Merkaba Fields:
Natural energy vortices that circulate energy in and out from the Light Body structure
into the Matter Body structure.

A burned-out star in the center of the Milky Way.

AquA'elle Matrix:
The matrix that connects the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy across 2.2 million
light years.

Aquinos Matrix:
The name of the Andromeda Galaxy in the Kristiac worlds.

Arc of the Covenant Gates:
An interface gate network to bypass the 12 regular Planetary Stargates in the event that
they fell due to the activation of the BeaST technologies.

Also known as the Hub Councils, they brought information from the Core and Middle
Domains of our Creation Matrix.

3-Day Roll:
The result of reversing the spin on the Light Fields and Light Body of the planet, causing
it to do a 180-degree flip over a three-day period.

Big Bang Point:
Dark Matter (the Rasha Body) turns into Light Matter at the Big Bang Point, when the
Eukatharaista Body is created. It has 2 parts: one on the AdorA side and one on the
EtorA side. Rasha Bodies are Dark Matter templates and body structures. The Light Body
structures emerge from the Rasha Body at the Big Bang Point, when Dark Matter turns
into Light Matter, which is matter of a different kind, at a different Angular Rotation of
Particle Spin. The currents that form through all of these Dark and Light Body Structures
crystallize and turn into “Elemental” matter or Atomic matter. Light Matter is
recognizable by science; Dark Matter is not.

Core LaVas:
From the first Eye of God, the Eye of Allurea, comespheres within spheres that transmit
currents. These currents create the core matter streams that will eventually form the
quarks and sparks that form matter. These Core Currents are the Ka, the Ra, the Ya, the
Sa, the Ta, the Ha and the La. These Currents are called the Core LaVa Currents because
they are the Love Currents that come directly from God-Source. These are the seven
eternal flows of the Kryst, of eternal life. These LaVa Love Currents open into the eyes
via the pineal. They are supposed to actually come out of our eyes and circulate through
our eyes.

Ecousha-TA/Hall of Records:
The 8-Cell Cluster, or the Hall of Records on the EtorA side (our side). The Akasha-TA
is the 8-Cell Cluster on the AdorA side.

Elum-Eiradhona, E-Luman-yana, E-Luman-aeri:
The Elum-Eiradhona is the Cosmic Spirit Body, the Cosmic Spirit Body Seed Atom, the
first Seed Atom, or the Kryst Seed.
E-Luman-yanas are the Density Spirit Bodies.
E-Luman-aeris are Density Time Vectors, Event Horizons and Probability Clusters.

Spirit Body of our Adjugate twin, on the AdorA side.

HaRA Krysta Heroic Identity:
The Self we are aspiring to become, because that isthe Self we must fully integrate in
order to be able to turn all Matter into Light and do the Adashi Ascension Turnaround.

(Becoming) Krysted:
Becoming Krysted is when a Creation turns around ata Starfire Point and contracts back
in. It then expands out in Spirit Body until it reaches a point where it de-manifests all of
its matter and then pops back into Creation Point and goes into full spread At-ONE-ment
with Source while keeping its individual identity, memory and awareness.

Perpetual Motion:
Perpetual Motion starts when Partiki 1 and Partiki 2 continually split each other and send
backflow in and Backflow Return of the same quantumcomes out and the other one
comes back out and splits the first one. This is where Spark Generation begins.

Rotational expansion of the Krystal Spiral:
You take a Kathara Grid and rotate it in a way thatnumber 12 becomes number 9 of the
next grid. This is called the 9/12 Alignment, whichactually gives you the rate of
expansion not only of spirals of energy that come out of the center, but also of the
proportions of the spheres around the Kathara Gridsthat form the spheres within spheres
within spheres.

Takeyon Flash Point:
Takeyons are stored-up quantified energy units. OneTakeyon has 12 Harmonic Key
Cycles. At the Takeyon Flash Point the entire “whatwas just created” pops into the
nonmanifest field of Source and comes out with a quantum replica. The quantum gets
doubled a few times, then tripled, and then it getstimes-12.

Zero Point Axis:
The Zero Point Axis in the “6 Cycle Graph” (the keygraph—the circle with eight parts)
is in Axis 8. It is called Zero Point Axis because when Particle 1 is born it starts at Axis 7
in the consciousness of God-Source. But then it is not moving yet, nor is it yet beginning
to be alive. It becomes alive with the birth of Partiki 2 at Axis 8, Zero Point Axis, which
starts the Partiki Phasing, expansion of quantum bysparking, Backflow and Backflow

Triad Cycle as part of the SEda Cycle:
The SEda Cycle starts at the Zero Point Axis. Through this cycle the Spirit Body is born.
The first trimester of the SEda Cycle (which has four trimesters) is the Triad Cycle,
where 3 sparks are formed.

In a death experience, a portion of consciousness is supposed to pull into the center to
take on the spherical identity of the whole Krystedself. But when bodies die here, a
portion of the self in the form of bodies are left/stuck like dust in the planet of that time
frame. The ability to do an Adashi Turnaround will depend on the number of bodies
retrieved. At certain levels of the Adashi Starfire, one has to pull out parts/bodies that are
stuck in the planet to reclaim that energy signature or quantum thrust to go through a full
Adashi Ascension. If we can’t take our body with usby naturally turning it to vapor and
then back into solid to get to where we are going next, the next best thing is cremation
because that releases the body form from the planetinto a lighter state that can be easily
drawn through the planetary core gate or Prana Seedfor reassembly. Burial ensures one’s
body, Spirit, and Eiradonis are stuck in Earth. Burial was not taught by the Krystics, but
by others who had a vested interest in keeping certain gene codes available and portions
of consciousness trapped.

Once the 3 Hara Bodies form, they pull in and do a replication through Creation Point
and come back out as 6―2 in the center and 4 on the outside―counter-rotating. The Bi-
Vectus, comprising 2 vectors, 1 vertical and 1 horizontal, becomes a projection of
directions for expanding the hologram. The Akashic and Ecoushic Record set is a Bi-
Vectus with the Akashic AdorA spinning counter-clockwise and the Ecoushic EtorA
spinning clockwise.

The Axi-A-Tonal Lines are moving back to the original breatharian position to prepare
the body for Ascension. During Hydrolase Conversiona body is supposed to eternally
harness light and air as food. A breatharian is a light-eater, using light as fuel like plants

Core Kryst Encryption:
The Akashic AdorA/Record/1
st Cell that is spinning counter-clockwise is the Adjugate
Twin that holds the complete EtorA Divine Blueprint.

Ecousha-TA E-Luman-eta Tri-Vectus Cluster:
It is the Hall of Records or Akasha-TA 8-Cell Cluster. Tri-Vector refers to 3 vectors: 1
vertical and 2 horizontal 90 degrees apart. Each of the 3 vectors (comprising 3 Hara
Bodies: KaLE-Hara, HaRA Krysta at the center, and Mahara Reisha) has a set of 2 cells
that phase through the central E-Luma-Reuta Ecousha1
st Cell/Ecoushic Record to form
the 7 Inner Cells within the 8th cell. This forms the 1st 8-cell Living Memory Matrix Hall
of Records, which is the immediate core manifestation of the perfect imprint. At its center
is the crystalline stored memory matrix of the Akasha and Ecousha 1
st Cell.
On a planetary/solar level, the Halls of Records are tubes leading to spherical/probability
fields you can walk through, if your body can pass through gates, and watch existence
everywhere in every time frame. They are like surround-sound-and-vision theatres.

Expansion/Returning Bodies:
EtorA—EckashI Expansion Cycles—4 Eyugha Bodies
EtorA—AdeshI Return Cycles—3 EyAda (Adashi) Bodies
AdorA—AdeshI Expansion Cycles—4 E-Yana Bodies
AdorA—EckashI Return Cycles—3 E-YUna Bodies
Core Domains—Eton—12 Selves—Ra-LA Eyugha 1—containsthe Akashic Record,
which has the Eye of God structures and the Core LaVas in it.
Inner Domains—Adon—144 Selves—Aah-LA Eyugha 2—Ketheric Atomic matter base,
which has a half Spirit and half Manifest quantum.
Middle Domains—Edon—1,728 Selves—Sha-LA Eyugha 3—D2Telluric matter base.
Outer Domains—Radon—20,736 Selves—Ka-LA Eyugha 4—D3Atmic core matter
base. Even though it’s the D2 Telluric that we see,the dominant form isAtmic. The
Outer Domains have the most chance of falling because of the 3/3 out or nonein Spirit.
But there isa complement over in the AdorA side, the 3/3 in or allin Spirit.

Fire Chambers:
•  The HaRA Krysta Chamber is vertical.
•  There is a set of horizontal counter-rotating chambers: KaLE-Hara Chamber
(clockwise) and Mahara Reisha Chamber (counter-clockwise). Clockwise
chambers bring in energy from the Unified Field of God-Source Consciousness
and disperse it through the Haras; counter-clockwise ones send energy back into
Source. There’s a constantexpansion and contraction of currents from the center
point through these chambers.

•  The 12 Allurean Chambers are arranged like the 12 marks of a clock. They
comprise 6 EtorA Eiradhona Vector Bodies and 12 Event Horizons, and 6 AdorA
Eiradhona Vector Bodies and 12 Event Horizons. Theyare linked at the center by
the Hara Body phase sets, the Akashic and Ecoushic Records and Hall of Record
Each Allurean Chamber has a Manifest EtorA vector, and behind it the Eiradonis
Spirit AdorA cross-vector twin or Adjugate Twin. Each Manifest AdorA vector
has the EiradonisSpirit EtorA Adjugate Twin behind it. The Adjugate Twin of
Vector 1 would be in Vector 7. So the Adjugate Twincross-vectors are 1-7, 2-8,
3-9, 4-10, 5-11, and 6-12.
Each Allurean Chamber has little sets of balls inside that phase, and at certain
points they phase and spark and make currents that becomethe sparks that form
quarks that end up forming matter when it gets through the Rasha Body stage,
Light Body and Matter stages.

Hara Line:
This is related to the formation of the 1st
of the 1st 8 Cells of the Spirit Body. It is where
the Hara Currents come from. And before the Hara Currents we have the Core LaVa
Currents that come from the Eye of God.

Krystar Activation:
It is the process that involves going into Starfire, then the Adashi Turnaround that takes
one back into the Adashi 1, Adashi 2, and Adashi 3 Cycles and then back into Core.

NaVA-Ho Flows:
They originate from the NaVA-Ho Elemental Command Cell that forms in the Rasha
The NaVA-Ho Flows take the currents out from the center of the HaRA-Reisha
Eiradhona Vector Body (comprising 3 Hara Bodies: KaLA-Hara, HarA Krysta, &
Mahara Reisha) and run them through the center of the Allurean/Vector Chamber Line to
form the NaVA-Ho configuration that becomes the Elemental Currents that form the
elements on the Periodic Table.
For each Vector Body there are 2 flows: 1 with a Kathara Grid in the KaLE-Hara flowing
1 way, and another with a Kathara Grid in the Mahara Reisha flowing the opposite
direction. There’s also a double flow in the center. When the 2 opposite flows pull into
the center set of flows, the 2 Hara Bodies KaLE-Hara and Mahara Reisha are brought
together to enter the HaRA Krysta state. This opensthe DhaLA-LUma door at the center
that allows for the activation of the Allurean Chamber layers that go with the LUma
Eturna, and then that of the EluminEir-adhona Body.

Reusha-TA structure of the Spirit Body:
It forms during SEda Cycle Trimester 3. There is 1 that forms around the 8-Cell EtorA
Ecousha-TA, and a counter-spinning version that forms around the 8-Cell AdorA
Akasha-TA. The 4 phases of the Reusha-TA Cycle are:1. Reuch & Reuche; 2. Reusha; 3.
Reusha-A; and 4. Reusha-TA. The Reusha-TA Spiral and its core currents are what
become the Kundalini Currents later.

The process of becoming Krysted is called Transfiguration―i.e.; being able to de-
densify/transmute matter progressively until it reaches a point where it can shift Angular
Rotation of Particle Spin to enter anyDensity and time vector it chooses.
The Aquareion Matrix is a fully Krysted Matrix because their entire Ecka-Veca system
has gone through a full Adashi Return Cycle. It is now assisting the host here so the
Ascension Chambers can be opened.

Adjugate Twin:
The corresponding Element on the AdorA side.

When a Bardoah happens, the Prana Seed closes. This means that a Light Body System
and its Matter Structure have reached a point of biological corruption wher e the natural
flows can no longer cycle. Each Ring of the Rasha Body, one at a time, begins a
separation cycle from its corresponding Light Body Ring in the Outer Light Body:
the Bardoah Ring Waves.

Gamma Bursts:
When the Prana Seed has closed, the Sun is no longer able to have any more quantum
fuel to keep its Hydrogen processes going. Because there is a progressive releasing of the
Dark Matter Template from the Light Matter and Physical Matter Body, Gamma Bursts
will come from the Core of the Sun.

Big Bang:
Point of creation of the Outer Light Body, called the Eukatharaista Body, that is created
simultaneously with the rest of the Inner Light Body.

Coronosphere is referred to as the Fire Command or the Vapors (burning vapors). It is a
living layer of frequency around the Atmosphere that everything is supposed to have.

The three outer balls, the first three Partiki, within the Tauren.

Eukatharaista Body:
The Outer Light Body: 2 Eckasha-Aah Bodies, 4 Eckasha-A Bodies. 1 Eckasha-A Body
forms 4 Eckashas. Each Eckasha has an Ecka-Veca System.

Four Sheath Body:
Just as the Outer Light Body has Dimensions 1,2,3 and a Density Level, each having a 15
Layer Set, the Rasha Body has the same structure with 4 levels: the 4 Sheath Body.

Seven Suns of the Base Shield:
In between the 4 Sheath Body form 3 more on the opposite spin of the AdorA side.
Together they form the Seven Suns. The Seven Suns are the Base Shield for the
Eukatharaista Body: 4 Base Shields for the Eckasha-Aah Body for the EtorA side and
3 Base Shields for the Eckasha-Aah Body for the AdorA side.

 Spanner Gate:
The figure-8 shape that is the Core Flow or NaVA-Ho Flow.

  Aurora Platform:
Safe Zone Platform that steps over the Reversed Light Fields that are caused by the

The special way to journey undertaken by the Rasha Body.

  Monadic Reversal:
The reversal of Earth’s natural Encryption Codes, which  form the Fire Letters that form
the Crystal Bed, the literal Crystal Core of which it is made.

  The NETs:
The Nibiruian Electro-static Transduction fields. Frequency fences placed by the FA to
keep us imprisoned in this time  frame  by shifting our Angular Rotation of Particle Spin to
make sure we never get out into the natural passageways. The NETs also control the

12th planet of our Solar System with a very long orbit . Not yet discovered by Earth
scientists. Under control of the FA. It functions on a 34-CCW/21-CW reverse orbit and
reverse Merkaba  Field alignment.

3 Eyes of God:
1st Eye of God is the Eye of Allurea, your Eiradonis.
2nd Eye of God is the Eye of AdorA.
3rd Eye of God is the Eye of EtorA.

3 Hara Bodies:
KaLE-Hara—Hara Body at the center of the KaLE field.
HaRA Krysta (middle)—HaRA Body at the center of the Krysta field.
Mahara Reisha—Mahara Body at the center of the Reisha field.

  Adashi Turnaround:
When your Eiradonis Adjugate Twin Spirit AdorA and you pull together and merge
at the center, there has to be a certain energy/quantum thrust held in the body in terms
4 of Joule count to be able to make the Adashi Turnaround of Angular Rotation of
Particle Spin on the Atomic level.

  Aquafereion Shield:
The Host Shield of this planet, comprising people of all countries who speak all
different languages. Its mission is to keep the Ascension passages open until the
completion of the Solar Bhardoah Cycle.

 Blood of (the) Kryst:
Made up of 21 eternal Love/Core Flows from the 3 Eyes of God (7 Flows per Eye of
God), it is the life blood of liquid plasma crystal from which the 1st
Manifestation Currents are made. This is where the 1st Plasma Krystal Flows are created. The 12
Spanner Gates on the planet open these Core Flows.

  HaRA Krysta State:
1st the EtorA DhaLA-Reisha to the KaLE-Hara Body opens. Next, the AdorA
DhaLA-Krysta to the Mahara Reisha Body opens. Then the Adjugate Twin Eiradonis
of Manifest EtorA (Spirit of AdorA) and Eiradonis of Manifest AdorA (Spirit of
EtorA) merge at the center to enter the HaRA Krysta State, which opens the center
DhaLA-LUma to the LUma Eturna.
Bringing in the Eiradonis and then the Akashic Record resets the 1
st perfect  encryption in our cells progressively. The Akashic AdorA Living Memory Matrix is
the Adjugate Twin that holds the complete EtorA Divine Blueprint. Awakening to
that encryption unblocks DNA and clears whatever doesn’t belong.

  Iridescent Flows:
They are the 7 Core Heliotalic pastels of the Core EtorA Eckas.

 LUma Eturna
It is part of the larger ELum-Eiradhona Spirit Body structure.

Opalene Flows:
They are the Aurora Neon Flows or the Ultras of the Rasha Body Dark Matter flows.
They are the same colors as the pearlescent core flows, but have a glittery sparkly
quality. The Ultras have their frequency opposite on the color wheel within them and
they make up the 7 Primary Colors/Flows of the AdorA 2nd Kryst Blood.

 Pearlescent Flows:
These are the Core 1 st 7 living colors one might experience in a dream state that are
the currents that come from the Cousha Replications. They are also called the ―Glitter
Flows‖ on the ―Spirit Side of Creation,‖ Spirit Body Pearlescent Flows, the Allurea
1st Kryst Blood, and ―Pearl‖ LaVa Flows. The 7 Colors of the LaVas are as follows:
1.    Pale pink pearl   5.  Light aqua pearl
2.  Pale emerald pearl  6.  Ultra-violet pearl
3.  Lilac (blue violet) pearl  7.  Pale peach-pink pearl
4.  Blue sapphire pearl  0.5  Pale white opal-pearl &
pale white heliotalic pearl

Starfire Point:
After a manifestation has moved through the Core, Inner, Middle and Outer Cycles, it
reaches the Ka-LA Eyugha Point during which a natural Starfire turnaround is
supposed to happen. That’s when matter de-densifies and re-spiritualizes, allowing
for a shift in Angular Rotation of Particle Spin back into the Adashi Return Domains.

 Creation Cycle:
The Creation process starts from the first Partiki and includes the NaVE-Na Cycle
(Fertilization), the SEda Cycle (Birth of the ELum-Eiradhona), the Lightborn Cycle
(Birth of the Tauren), the Starborn Cycle (Birth of the Rosetta  + Seed Atom), the Life
Born Cycle (Birth of the Rasha), and the God Born Cycle (Birth of the 7 Inner Suns Hub
+ the Outer Eukatharaista Body). All the stages are shown on a schedule with 8 axes.

Prana Joule:
The Prana Joule is the part of the Overtone ManA Key that is taken away to bond with
the Base Tone EirA Key during the Key Resolution process.

After Key Resolution, the part of the Overtone ManA Key that remains after the same
amount of the Base Tone EirA Key has been subtracted is called Mana.

NaVE-Na Cycle:
Before the SEda Cycle there is first the NaVA-na Cycle with the birth of Partiki 1, then
the NuVA-Na Cycle with the birth of Partiki 2. Together these are called the NaVE-Na

Adjugate Twins:
During the Flame Shift Cycle, the Krystal Spiral Inner Light Body Currents eventually
merge their EtorA and AdorA Elemental Adjugate Twin Spark Currents. Adjugate Twins
are associated with each of the Allurean Chambers. Where an Allurean Chamber crosses
through a Span, it creates a specific type of Element Encryption. These Chambers
function as cross-vectors where the two different (EtorA and AdorA) Elemental Currents
combine to form the transient element Celestalline.

 Natural Periodic Table:
The Natural Periodic Table is associated with the 12 Allurean Chambers. They are
actually responsible for making a specific encryption for specific elements that have to do
with Adjugate Twins. Bringing the Adjugate Currents together is bringing Elemental
Currents together from the AdorA and EtorA side. Every combination of these Adjugate
Currents forms Celestalline, a transient element.

 Kundalini Flows:
The Rosetta Flows form the 9 Kundalini Flows, which enter the Allurean Chambers of
the smaller Domain Spirit Bodies.

 Akashic Currents:
The EtorA Matter Eiradonis Currents are called the Akashic Currents and flow into
EtorA Matter from the Akashic Record AdorA 1st Cell. The substance is referred to as

SEda Cycle:
The SEda Cycle is the Cycle of the Spirit Body. It has 4 Stages in Trimesters. The 1
st Trimester is the Triad Cycle. The 2nd Trimester is the Ecousha-TA Cycle, forming the
Eye of God structure and the Akashic and Ecoushic Hall of Records. The 3
rd Trimester is the Reusha-TA Cycle. The 4th Trimester is the REisha-TA Cycle, forming the Halls of
REisha-TA within the ELum-Eiradhona Spirit Body

The name of the structure of the Spirit Body. The 15 Geleziac Layers will activate by
progressively activating the 12 Allurean Chambers, just as with our o wn personal Spirit
Body, the Eiradonis.

OrEian Field:
Outside the ELum-Eiradhona Spirit Body is the OrEian Field—the immediate ambient
field in Source Consciousness Field, the emanation from the Light and Spirit Structure
that grew in Source Field, the undifferentiated portion of Source Consciousness Field.

 Solar Symbiosis:
Hydrolase Conversion is a part of Solar Symbiosis. UV light brought in the body through
the KAlons in the skin helps expedite the following process: 2  Hydrolase Eiradonis
Atomic Geleziac Currents merge and transmute into Hydrogeleziac hydroplasm  liquid
light Currents, and when these Spirit Body Currents merge with the Light Body Currents,
Hydrolase becomes Hydros, which forms Celestalline.

Celestalline is a transient element that can be activated within the hydrogen bonds of the
DNA. When you bring together the Eiradonis Bodies (Spirit Bodies) of 2 sets of
Elemental Adjugates, they will draw in the 2 Matter Bodies (Manifest Bodies). These 4
bodies—the full set of 2 from each vector, the AdorA and EtorA—pull together and
transmute the Atomic structure to Celestalline just before temporarily turning it into
liquid light, so you are able to go through Stargates.

Krystar State:
Once we finish the KaLA Eyugha we are supposed to get a quantum rush with all the
frequencies turning on and be able to go into Krystar State for Starfire passage into the
Adashi Return Cycles through the Halls of REisha-TA. We enter the KaLA-Hara State,
where we do the Adjugate Bond, and the Celestalline Wave, where we literally turn into
Hydrogeleziac Liquid Light stuff.

 Krystar Vehicle:
When we turn into Hydrogeleziac Liquid Light, this Celestalline Hydroplasm Matter
form enters the Krystar State and your field forms a Krystar Vehicle. When you go  into
Rasha Body this lovely crystalline structure forms around you like a capsule. It
corresponds to the 15 Geleziac Layers of the whole template of your ELum-Eiradhona
Spirit Body.

It is the ability, once we have finished the KaLA Eyugha,  to make the turnaround into the
Adashi Return Cycles, taking the Path of Incension (in toward the Core).

Allurean Chambers:
These are a set of 12 Fire Chambers that have a direct connection to the core flows, the
Eye of Allurea, the first Eye of God. The Allurean Chambers are running on the time
vectors―6 vectors (12 vectors/vector horizons/event horizons) on the EtorA side and 6
vectors (12 vectors/ vector horizons/event horizons) on the AdorA side. This allows an
energy flow between both sides.

Allurean Lines:
Lines running 45 degrees between the 12 Allurean Chambers. They are Fire Lines and
give the ability to open the chambers. They correspond with the Axis Lines.

Fertilization point:
This is the point at which the sperm, which carries the encryption for the 6th
Allurean Chamber, fertilizes the egg. This always take place on the 6
th Allurean Line (Axis 6).

Fetal Integration:
The moment at which the Spirit Body can integrate in the fetal body. When the fetal body
has reached a sufficient growth quantum to hold the new Spirit, that’s the point at which
the Spir it can come into and live in the fetal body, to make that a new person and take
over the cellular process and growth.

 Mother Codes:
Special codes within the matriarchal DNA carried by the Mother Lines; that goes for
males and females. These codes have the ability, when they are activated, to heal this
unnatural energy configuration process in the gene lines. The males who are working
with it can start this healing process. The Mother Codes will be activated by activating
the Jesheua Codes, which are connected to the Codes of AquA’elle, Jesheua’s daughter.
This activation was given in the Amsterdam workshop.

 Birthday Chart:
The Natural Kristiac Time Cycle of the Manifest Body on the EtorA and the AdorA side.

 Integrated Avatar:
In the natural process you are an integrated Avatar on your 33rd birthday. This is the point  at which you have progressively integrated the frequencies of the Celestalline Suns in the
Rasha and Light Body structures, and you would open up all the currents behind you
because you would be finished with your 4 Density Cycles. Which means you would hit
your KaLA Eyugha and at that point you would enter the Krystar state.

 Eckashi Cycle and EckashI Return Cycle:
Eckashi Cycle is the expansion on the Manifest EtorA side.
EckashI Return Cycle  is the return on the Spirit AdorA side.

Ecousha Platform:
Platform in between the Aurora Platforms.

Slide Fields:
These are fields into which we are being trained to eventually biologically slide.

What we are doing when we do Rasha Body Projections.

Yan-Yun Flows:
Natural electromagnetic flows through Light Body and Spirit Body systems.

Bhar-DhAe Cycle of the Sun:
End part of a Bhardoah Cycle, at which point the Sun starts to spew more energy and starts to
expand on its way to becoming a red giant if it has a certain mass.

Procyak Matrix:
Another name for the Milky Way Galaxy.

Andromeda Galaxy.

Stargate 3 in the M31 Andromeda Matrix, the Aquinos Matrix.

Sextant Clock:
This runs our bio templates and is the reason why we die.

AnshaTAsa Passage:
Line that is coming from Aquareion Matrix to hold open Earth’s Prana Seed for a period of
time, in order for the life forms to stay in the Ascension Cycles and be capable of ascending
by their re-generated Kristiac Codes.

The Adashi Ascension Path.

Veca-SEda core:
The 1st Sun Galaxy from which the Universe is born.

Original Navajo Tribes:
The original Navajo Tribes were descendants of someAquari who came up from Caral.
They started down in the Phoenix area, even though the legends right now tell them they
were from further up north. Their grids were there and going down to Caral.

The Aurora 2 Platform in the AquA’elle Matrix.

The areas of Ireland, England and the Netherlands.

The aging disease.

The Andromeda Galaxy.

WesaLA Matrix:
The WesaLA Matrix is considered an adjacent EckashaMatrix. It is actually way over in
a whole different Eckasha-A, and they have a parallel. Their parallel, next to them, is a
Krist Matrix, and that is why they haven’t gone into full fall like our system.

AnshaTAsa Passage:
The AnshaTAsa Passage actually runs through variousgate systems to hold a host open.

Sextant (Clock):
Birthday Chart on the Metatronic scale that works like a labyrinth.

Celestalline Suns:
Celestalline Suns are a natural part of the DensitySuns that separate the Density Levels.
When they open, which would be natural in the Adashi Ascension process, it allows the
flows from behind—from the Edons and from the Adonsbefore that, and from the
Core—to come up into the present where you are. That amount of frequency allows that
you have enough quantum in your body to generate the Light Body activations, and the
Spirit Body activations, for Starfire.

The 6-6-6 Timekeeper:
The 6-6-6 Timekeeper, which is at the gate to Spirit, allows for direct field co-joining by
Fallen Angelics. This is how they get into and at our bodies, how they hang out in
overshadow and whisper in our minds, where we thinkit is us that is whispering. Where
they can give us emotional impulses and make us feel things by controlling our chemicals
to a degree. And where they can body snatch if they really want to.

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