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"Semiramis" World Design Hotel 본문

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"Semiramis" World Design Hotel

Vegan & Green TheBeetleKim 2014. 1. 17. 03:51

It was so pleased to visit Semiramis which is five star super delux hotel with 51 rooms 

and have a meeting with Mr. Theodore Katis, sales manager.

Every item and corner in Semiramis was touched by design concept.

Every shape and color designed by Karim Rashid made me happy.


The ower of Semiramis, Mr. Dakis Joannou is 75 years old constructor and

art collector, one of world best  top 10 collectors.


Deste Foundation is for Mr. Dakis Joannou's contemporary art museum(www.deste.gr).

There are 4 more design hotels in Athens and all arts in hotels are from Mr. Dakis Jouannou's art sense.


Mr. Dakis Joannou's main company is J&P Avax(www.jp-avax.gr)

which is one of the biggest construction companies in Greece.


My Korean friends and I want to give Mr. Dakim Joannou a present because

we really thank him to born and keep design concept hotel like 5 design hotels

including Semiramis. We are ready to send him our presents if he accepts.





How to get to Semiramis Hotel

   Address 48 Char, Trikoupi Str.,145 62 Kifissia, Greece.

                  +30 210 6284556

   Metro     AM 11:20 Evangelismos(Blue Line) -->Monastiraki(Transfer to Green Line)-->

                               Kifissia(last stop)

   Taxi        PM 12:10 Kifissia-->Semiramis Hotel(EU3.16)


Semiramis Exterior


Semiramis Signboard


Reception with Monograms designed by Karim Rashid


Lobby Scenery

Alan & Jim



Black Carpet on the Lobby Floor 






Jim at the Lobby


TheBeetleKim Meeting with Mr. Theodore Katis, Sales Manager


Room Key Monogram


Symbol color for each floor in elevator coincides with room key

with monogram.


Room monogram sign instead of room number on the wall of each floor.


Room Monogram(Room Number) for Penthouse Studio 


a symbol of baby in a womb 


Room Tour


Penthouse Studio Room


Balcony for Penthouse Studio Room


King size Bed in Penthouse Studio Room


Standard Room





Bungalow Room


Bath in Bungalow Room


APMTA Natural Body Care in Bathroom 



Table Setting in Bungalow Room


Closet for Bathrobe and Slippers




Swimming Pool








Bar and Restaurant


Orange Step to Restaurant








Public Toilet


Toilet Door


Toilet Monogram for Lady











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