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  1. 2014.01.22 Information of Santorini by Vegan & Green TheBeetleKim

Ref What if I do Loving Hut Cafe or Noodle Bar or Deliverying Sandwitch

Even though Santorini is such a small island,

there are still many empty lands to be used.

I have been hunting every corner and every village in Santorini and

what if I choose to do summer business, it is Fira for a year and

 for 4 months, Perissa which is the most long beach with black sand.


Ref Housing price and tax

Houses in Fira and Oia stand close to gether roof by roof.

Housing price and tax in busy area like Fira are higher than the other.

In case of Lefteris, he got 95% loan from a bank to buy one of apartment hotels

and he paid 100,000 euros yearly tax of the hotel business.

A housing price for 2-3rooms in 100m2 is about 300,000 euros and 

a property tax has to be paid every year.


Ref The Name of Island

There are two names "Thira" and "Santorini" of this island.

These days the name of Santori is more popular than Thira

but Santorini was called as "Thira" in ancient time.


Ref Hot Season

The busy months in Santorini are from April to October and

the most golden periods are for 4 months from Jun to September.

Most shops are open almost for 24 hours at those hot seansons.

now they except big supermarkets have ciesta time for 3 hours

from pm 2 to 5 o'clock, though.


Ref English Ability

Most Greek people can speak English.


Ref Hospitality

There are two kinds of hospitalities in Santorini; public and private clinic.

It is free of charge for everybody to treat in public hospitality but

not in private clinic.


Ref Rent-a-Car in Winter Season

30 euros per day for small automatic car inclucing a part of insurance 


Ref Free Maps and Free Guide Books

There is no maps and guide books in winter seasons.

But there are about 5 different maps and 2 guide books

sponsored by advertiser in hot season.

So Thira Town Hall doesn't need to publish a map and guide book

with their own budget.


Ref Free Wifi

It is available in restaurants and hotels.


Ref Buying Food Stuff in Super Markets

It is not so expensive.


Ref The best thing to enjoy in Santorini

It is to enjoy walking, sitting, lying down, dozing and meditating 

under the sun shining and one more thing is gazing the sunrise and sunset.




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